Before the New Year the work was added. But this order is special. Because this time a gift for my daughter was ordered by DAD. I consulted with my wife, but I came up with everything myself. I could only outline: the Princess on the right because, how else ?, the monkeys on the left are the symbol of the year of birth, at the bottom of the passport data, and in the right upper corner of the Welcome home from the parents. In the Ukrainian language. Indentation on the sides of centimeters 10. And add hearts. 

Then he also threw off his sketch, drawn with a simple pencil, so that I could surely understand the depth of his concept. Smiled. And so touchingly he spoke about his Verochka, that, it seemed, I already see this Princess-monkey, wrapped up after bathing. And in general, dads and daughters - this is some kind of sacred theme. Thank you, Anatoly Ravlyuk, for trusting such a responsible task. It seems that everything turned out. A? ;-)