Let's sew Ukraine together
Whatever the merchant masters-entrepreneurs do in our city, they always did their work on conscience. Slavic ceramic products, pencils, salt were sold all over the world, the resort came from all over the country and the near abroad. But really our city became famous only in 2014th year. Hot red dot was discussed in all the news, reports from the scene were filled with running lines ... For the third year we have been proving to the whole world that Slavyansk is Ukraine. Not now Ukraine, but always Ukraine. We - a small creative team, consisting of four local women and girls, who moved from Thorez, in their own way bring peace to our region and country. In our own way we represent our beloved Slavyansk. We sew and paint Ukraine in peaceful colors. And we do it with love and faith that soon everything will be fine with us. Share this post in social networks in support of what we do. Thank you :-)