Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook: What about the sun ?! End of the world?!! . A bunch of photos of the sun with a red halo from different angles. Caraul, help, sos !!! It’s as if the coronavirus is not enough for us ... . Some commentators begin to google what they say in NASA about this, others check the charts of the apocalypse approved by astrologers ... It seems that nothing foretold! How is nothing written? Here it is !!! Blood red !!! And it’s kind of like approaching the Earth, or we are approaching it! .. . In general, a clear sign of imminent death. It is incomprehensible only to the whole planet or only to our better half ... . And only a few people under the post calmly wrote: Yes, the sun, like the sun! It is always like that at sunset. You just never noticed . Many have relieved But the truth is. For an unforgivable long time we did not see all this surrounding us, so that in a hurry. Not casually on the go, but staring intently, as in childhood ... . Quarantine is certainly bad. But if you want, there are a million opportunities in it to become better, stronger, smarter, kinder, slimmer, more advanced in your field, more attentive to your loved ones ... underline what you need . And I want to believe that when everything finally settles down, then whatever we do in our future life, we will always make an amendment for this quarantine 2020. . He showed us real values, reminded that what is really important in our life, and what you can and should do without ... Asked us again . And the sun at sunset is just insanely beautiful! And we will definitely live!