Do you know what kind of fears you have to face? My work does not look like the ones that are now in the trend, although they are really cool, I'm just a migrant, I have nothing to succeed in this business although there are golden hands and a subtle sense of beauty, It will not be pleasant to anyone How did you know about this, not showing their abilities to others? People, you throw yourself into a dump! Yes Yes. And you stay there, chewing on your failures, blaming yourself for failure, power in corruption, and the whole world in injustice. You personally attach yourself to mediocrity. Meanwhile, out of the billions of people who inhabited and inhabited our planet, there is not and there will not be one like you. It was not invented by me. So does it matter that you are over 60 or are you a migrant from the ATU zone? .. Of the millions of life situations that we might not have survived, we survived. Each of us is an invaluable treasure, having its own personal mission in this world. Each one is neither in appearance nor in manners, unlike others. So why do you value yourself so low? What right have you to listen to those who belittle you? And even more so believe them ?! Think finally of yourself. Stop obscuring your uniqueness, your talents given to you by God. Go out into the light and show yourself to the world! Do not imitate someone else's way, do not try to be like your leader, do not work like mediocrity. Never imitate anyone, for if you forget yourself, you will automatically be taken over and something bad that is not familiar to you. The one who imitates others, deliberately restricts himself, kills his own inherent potential. Remain yourself, wherever fate will throw you, and always show the world your uniqueness. Remember, the world is showered with only unique gold. Talk about your uniqueness. You have no shortcomings, there are shortcomings, and you certainly are not mediocrity.