Decorative fabric sakura flowers beige Turkey 51540v5

The main advantages of decorative fabrics made in Turkey: Teflon impregnation that will protect your products from water and dirt high strength and density of fabric ease of care, withstands a large number of wash cycles a large selection of stylish and beautiful fabric designs. 

Decorative fabric is used for: table textiles: tablecloths, napkins, curtains to the room, curtains to the kitchen, furniture upholstery and decorative furniture covers ... decorative elements: pillow covers, panels, paintings, textile bags, cosmetic bags ... 

Country: Turkey. 
Special properties: Teflon impregnation 
Rapport vertical: 61 cm 
Rapport horizontal: 66 cm 
Composition: 65% cotton, 35% poliester, teflon 
Shrinkage by fractional wash 30°C 3 
Weft shrinkage wash 30°C 2 
Width: 180 cm