Kryzhma for baptism Klasika

What to embroider the real name or the name that will be at baptism? Date of birth or date of baptism? 
Church officials say it’s far more important to know this. Well or not only. It is very important to know and in the Orthodox sense to celebrate the name day. Once a year. Even if there are at least 40 days of remembrance of saints with your name in the year. Yours is only one. Do you know which one? 
The church name at baptism is given in honor of one of the saints. It is this saint who is the patron saint of the baptized, and the day of the celebration of the memory of the saint becomes a name day. The day of the name is determined according to the church calendar, as the next day of remembrance of the saint with your name after your birthday. The closest after the birthday. Do you remember? 
Celebrate with your family, prayer, going to church, or just go to your favorite places that day: gain strength, switch and once again rejoice that the life given to us by the Almighty, no matter what, is still beautiful!