Outdoor fabric with a texture in white for terrace curtains 800736v2

DRALON outdoor fabric has many advantages: 

Breathability - the material has excellent breathability 
Hypoallergenic - Dralon is non-allergenic and does not irritate the skin 
Antibacterial - dust mites, molds, moths, pathogens do not multiply in it 
Increased wear resistance, strength 
Resistant to chlorinated and salt water sea, swimming pools 
Dirt resistance 
Resistance to mechanical stress No tendency to build up static electricity 
Resistance to the action of sunlight, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation the fibers are not destroyed, the colors do not fade

Country Spain
Special properties Teflon impregnation
Density 250 g / m²
Composition 100% Dyed Fiber Acrylic / Dralon
Equal shrinkage (wash 30 ° C) 3%
Weft shrinkage (wash 30 ° C) 1%
Width 160 cm